The marmalades as well as the rest traditional products, are closely connected with the tradition, the manners and customs of our homeland and constitute an integral part of our cultural heritage. Thus we, in SALVE company, fell the obligation to maintain it and succeed and to future generations.
The preservation of fruits and vegetables with sugar or processed into jams is a great way of using them.
For the creation of original recipes, we exclusively use only fresh fruits and during the manufacturing process all health and safety rules are compiled according to the Standard EN ISO 22000: 2005. This ensures immutable the excellent quality of SALVE marmalades.

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Our marmalades are available for both retail and wholesale.

The available packages are

Glass jars of 210gr and 330gr fig
Glass jars of 230gr and 360gr peach
Glass jars of 240gr and 370gr apricot
Glass jars of 240gr and 370gr orange
Glass jars of 240gr and 370gr strawberry
Glass jars of 240gr and 370gr blueberry

Marmalade recommended uses

SALVE marmalades are ideal for breakfast, for preparation of sweets and for the most demanding they can perfectly accompany various cheese varieties.